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CNC Turning & Milling up to 7 axis

4 CNC turning and milling centers allowing tp produce very complex parts in one tightening.

  • 1 DMG NTX1000
  • 1 Bumotec S-191 Linear
  • 1 Okuma LT 200MY
  • 1 Okuma LT 200M

CNC Milling

One 5 simultaneous axis milling center allowing milling of complicated parts with watch-making dimensions.

  • DMG HSC 20

CNC Turning

Disposing of very recent lathes, Coloral is able to propose the production of every revolution parts with extreme precision.

  • 1 DMG Sprint 42
  • 3 OKUMA LU300
  • 1 OKUMA LU300-M
  • 1 Index ABC
  • 1 Schaublin 140-R

Control machines

We are equipped with control machines at the peak of technology in order to validate the produced parts metrology


The brushing goal is to obtain a mat or semi-shiny aspect after polishing. It is used a lot as a preparation before anodising in architectural application. Brushed surfaces are less easily soiled than polished or satin finished surfaces, especially in contact with atmosphere.

We can get various finishings such as : rough, mat and fine more or less delicate. For fine brushing, we'll mention on the order the abrasive's thickness 180 to 220. For rougher brushing, the abrasive's thickness 80 to 100.


The principle is based on the use of a live force to hit the surface of the part ; the thrown up particle leaves a trace. The addition of thousands of traces left on the part gives a regularly mat final aspect.